2013 Tenant Satisfaction Survey

April 3, 2014 @ 10:38am

The Results are in…….

Argyle Community Housing commissioned the NSW Federation of Housing Associations to conduct their 2013 tenant satisfaction survey and we would like to thank all of our tenants who took the time to respond.

Almost one in three (28%) that responded had been a tenant of Argyle for more than 11 years. The vast majority of people (93%) spoke English at home. Also the vast majority of people (71%) identified themselves as Australian with the second largest grouping Anglo-Celtic (7%). The largest grouping for age was 65+ which accounted for 41% of everyone that responded. In total 63% of people were female, and 38% male, a ratio of approximately 3:2 female: male. Finally, 61% that answered this question reported having one household member with an illness or disability that had lasted, or was expected to last, at least 12 months.

The levels of overall combined satisfaction achieved by Argyle across the board (excluding complaints) are very high.

Complaints and appeals had the lowest levels of satisfaction in the tenant satisfaction survey and also had a decline in satisfaction compared to 2012. There was a low combined satisfaction level with “the speed of dealing with complaints” at 54% and a low combined satisfaction level with “how well you were kept informed about the progress of your complaint” at 50%.

In total 64% of respondents reported knowing that Argyle has a website.

The issue with the largest combined percentage for either a major or minor problem was “noisy neighbours” with a combined total of 37%.

The importance of repairs and maintenance to tenants was the most mentioned issue that respondents would like to get involved with (47% mentioned this).

People were very positive about the social opportunities that arise through tenant engagement, this especially applied for older people.

Repairs and maintenance is the single most important driver of overall tenant satisfaction so it is important to get this service right. The lowest levels of combined satisfaction were for confirmation of when a repair would actually take place.

Now that Argyle knows the positives and improvements needed to support our tenancies we will be putting actions in place to improve our services. An outline of those improvements will be distributed to all tenants over the April and May.

To download the Survey document click here.