Do you have any questions regarding our new rent review process?

September 16, 2014 @ 3:09pm

Rent reviews are a regulatory requirement that we much complete twice a year.

To make sure we are consistent and fair across all offices we have decided to centralise all future rent reviews from our Bowral (Head Office) location.

There will be no change to the way we review your rent, however, the timing of your rent review may change.

In order to assure that things run as smoothly as possible, the rent review team will be hosting a series of morning teas across all of our regions to provide information and answer questions.

Keep an eye on your letterbox and on this website for morning tea dates in your area.

Tenant Report on Bowral Morning Tea

Article by Lyndal Breen

On Thursday 21st August, a small group of tenants met with Staff for morning tea at the Bowral office. Over a generous spread of biscuits and cake, ideas were expressed and questions were asked.

As the new system for Rent Reviews was just being rolled out, there were several concerns expressed about how those present might be affected by these changes. The staff members were able to explain the reasons for the changes and also to help those present to understand how their rent is calculated.

Many other questions were asked and answered, and people appeared to be pleased to be better informed about their varying situations. We discovered that there are several different types of rental arrangements among us, with some of us in houses or units owned by Argyle Housing while others were in places where a private owner had leased their property out through Argyle.

Several people were unsure about how the water bill was levied and how it could be paid. There    were also some suggestions regarding getting rents deducted from Centrelink payments and how this could be arranged which gave those present some useful ideas to help them manage rent payments.

The morning tea was a pleasant way of meeting Staff and getting information, and also allowed the tenants present to get to know each other, and in one case, to renew an old friendship.

It is planned that there will be future regular morning teas and those who attended this occasion would recommend to other tenants that they also take the opportunity to meet staff and each other offered by Argyle Housing in this way.