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Modular Homes, Tolland


At Argyle Housing, we’re deeply committed to sustainable practices. In recent years, we’ve made a conscious effort to incorporate energy-efficient measures into our new building projects.

Last year, Argyle Housing was able to acquire two modular homes for our new site in Tolland.

Built by The Building Supply Co, these modular homes are constructed offsite and assembled on location within just two days, minimizing waste compared to traditional construction methods. The build is concrete, including internal walls, ensures low maintenance costs and keeps energy bills for our clients at a modest level, maintaining a comfortable temperature of 19-23 degrees. The overall finish meets high standards.

We’re excited about expanding our portfolio with more sustainable homes in the future, aiming to reduce our carbon footprint and work towards our net-zero goal.

Tolland Estate Renewal Project

Progress has been made with the announcement on 6 December 2022 of the agreement signed by the NSW Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC), Aboriginal Housing Office (AHO) and the Argyle Consortium (Argyle Housing, BlueCHP and Birribee Housing) for the delivery of 16 per cent increase in new social housing within the Tolland and Duke of Kent Park precincts. In total almost 500 new mix-tenure homes will be delivered, of which around 180 will be new social housing.

Argyle Housing, BlueCHP and Birribee Housing form the Argyle Consortium who will manage tenancies for Tolland Estate’s existing and future social housing under a 20-year lease. The Consortium will also develop and deliver 70 new social homes in the Tolland Estate, assist with tenancy relocations and connect them with local wrap-around services.

This project is a big Step Forward to increasing supply of much needed affordable and social housing in the area and we at Argyle Housing look forward to working with the Consortium, government, LAHC, Aboriginal Housing Office, local services, current residents in the Tolland Estate and community to deliver an increased supply of more quality affordable and social housing for Wagga, creating more homes for those in need.

Read the Full Media Release Here


190 Wakaden Street, Griffith

Argyle Housing has finalised designs for the two-storey houses, which are being built to help provide low to middle income housing in Griffith.

Last year, Griffith City Council gifted land on the corner of Wakaden Street and Crossing Street to Argyle Housing, as part of a strategy aimed at easing the current housing availability crisis.

The houses will be targeted towards families who earn too much to be eligible for social housing, but not enough to easily afford the market rental price.

Development Consent was received, and two rounds of tendering occurred on this project during the year. Unfortunately, both rounds of tendering were unable to deliver a construction cost that was below the completed valuation of the project. Currently an aggregated procurement is being pursued along with the proposed Community Hub as part of the Griffin Green project.

Griffin Green, Building Better Regions Project

The Griffin Green Affordable Housing Project is a collaborative endeavour between Argyle Housing and Griffith City Council, each contributing $4 million to support the $12 million BBRF project. Strategically located near the Griffith City Centre, in South Griffith, this project is designed to alleviate the local housing crisis by offering new, affordable housing solutions. Specifically, the initiative plans to construct 20 new medium-density affordable rental housing units, alongside 37 new housing lots. The primary aim of the Griffin Green Project is to provide professionals in healthcare, education, hospitality and emergency services, among others, with access to affordable living spaces. This not only addresses an immediate need for housing within the region but also contributes to the sustainability and growth of the Griffith community by attracting and retaining vital service providers. This project is slated to be completed by April 2024.


34 Pollux Street, Yass

Argyle Housing is currently investigating and pursuing options to complete the development of the site.


Griffin Green, Placemaking Part 1 – Basketball Court

Our Griffin Green project includes a green space project – Dave Taylor Park. We’re excited to present our brand new basketball court within the park that we’re building for the community!

This brand-new basketball court represents our inaugural collaborative endeavor with the local community. Renowned local Aboriginal artist, Karissa Undy, has contributed a breathtaking artwork for the court, which was expertly brought to life by Blank Walls and Artcourts. Notably, the artwork was further enriched as local community members joined together to imprint their handprints onto the court, imbuing it with a sense of shared ownership and unity. this is funded by the Regional Youth Investment Project Grant.

Check out the full length video HERE

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