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How Is My Rent Calculated?

The NSW Government has now introduced a different method of calculating rent for everyone in social housing from 2022. This includes all government and community housing. 

The main points to be aware of are: 

  • Your rent is currently calculated as being 25% of the total household income. 
  • The new method will calculate your rent as being in a range between 25-30% of total household income. 
  • The new method will start being used from 1 January 2022, for all rent assessments. 
  • It will include new tenancies, transfers to another property and all Argyle Housing initiated rent reviews. 
  • All rent amounts will still include 100% of the Commonwealth Rent Assistance (CRA). 
  • The rent charged cannot be more than the market rent amount of the property. 
  • The below reports are examples only to show how the sliding scale will work. 


  • Generally – if your total household income is less than $820 per week + CRA, you won’t pay more than 25% 
  • Generally – if your total household income is more than $820 per week + CRA, you may pay between 25% – 30%

Tenants will have the opportunity to meet with the Rent Review Team to discuss individual issues when it’s their turn to have a rent review done next year.  

For more information, please email: 


Rent Payment Guide

We’re here to make your rent payment process as straightforward and hassle-free as possible.

Whether you’re a long-standing client or new to our community, this guide will walk you through all the necessary steps to ensure your rent is paid promptly and securely.

From exploring various payment options to setting up automatic payments, we’ve got you covered.

Keep reading to find the most convenient way for you to manage your rent payments.


Payment Options

Automatic Deductions from Centrelink

Clients receiving Centrelink benefits have the option to set up automatic rent deductions. This can be done either by contacting your Client Support Specialist at Argyle Housing or directly reaching out to Centrelink.

Client Portal

We also offer a secure online portal for clients who prefer digital transactions. By logging into, clients can pay their rent directly through a secure link to their bank, providing a smooth and efficient payment process.

In-Person Payments

For those who prefer face-to-face transactions, clients can pay using their EFTPOS card, or via savings or cheque accounts. However, please note that we do not accept credit card or cash payments in our offices, as part of our commitment to maintaining secure and traceable transactions.

Bank Transfers

For clients who prioritise convenience and flexibility, we accept payments transferred directly from personal bank accounts into Argyle Housing’s account via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). This option can be most suitable for clients who prefer to manage their payments within their own banking interfaces.

BSB: 062 511

Account number: 10186391

Account name: Argyle Community Housing Ltd

Payment reference: Your Tenancy ID


Client Portal

At Argyle Housing, we recognise that while our online portal provides numerous benefits, some of our clients may require help navigating it.

Therefore, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive instructions and support for using our client portal.

Using the Client Portal

Upon logging into your account at, you will find a user-friendly interface designed for seamless navigation. Here, you can manage rent payments, review your payment history, and access your statements with just a few clicks. You can also update your personal information, ensuring that our records are always up to date.

Support and Guidance

For those who are new to the portal or are not tech-savvy, we offer step-by-step guidance to navigate and use the portal effectively. Our dedicated support team is available to walk you through the process, either over the phone or in-person at our offices. They can instruct you on how to set up payments, check your rent balance, and use other features of the portal.

Even as we continue to embrace technology and digital solutions, we remain committed to providing personalised support for all our clients, ensuring everyone can benefit from our services. Remember, whether you prefer digital or face-to-face transactions, Argyle Housing is here to assist you every step of the way.

Need More Information?

Click Here to check out frequently asked questions or contact your CSS today.


Financial Stress

Financial Counselling

If you’re struggling with debt or worried about how you’ll be able to pay your rent and bills, then financial counselling could be exactly what you need. There are free and confidential services that are provided by qualified and caring professionals.

Depending on your individual circumstances, your financial counsellor might:

  • help you assess your financial situation
  • teach you information about common credit and debt issues
  • help you design a personal money management plan
  • act as your advocate and negotiate with your credit providers, government agencies and businesses on your behalf (if appropriate)
  • give you important information on credit laws, debt recovery processes, and bankruptcy
  • refer you to other specialist financial services

Anglicare’s Financial Counsellors work out of its Parramatta, Liverpool, Bankstown, Campbelltown, Wollongong and Nowra.

Call 1300 111 278 for your local Financial Assistance offices.

Food Services

In recent times, unforeseen circumstances have led to a surge in the number of individuals and families who may find themselves in need of food assistance. Whether it be due to job loss, reduced work hours, or other financial stresses, it’s important to remember that local food services exist to provide support in these trying times. Reaching out to your local food bank, soup kitchen, or community centre can be a crucial step in ensuring nutritional needs are met and can provide a sense of community in times of isolation and uncertainty.

Click Here to find out what’s available in your region.

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