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Strategic Plan 2018-2021

Argyle Housing Strategic Plan 2018-2021

Argyle Housing’s 2018-21 Strategic Plan is focused on the organisation’s need to remain relevant to the Tenants we serve. The Plan expresses a commitment to ongoing improvement by providing a clear direction for the development of staff both in regard to their skills and the maximisation of individual potential.

The Strategic Plan review was tenant and community focussed with an emphasis on how Argyle Housing can provide more housing options, exceptional tenancy experience and opportunities for Tenants to achieve the best outcomes possible in their lives.

The review was also an opportunity for Argyle Housing to plan how, as an organisation, it can meet the housing needs of the communities in which we operate. The Strategic Plan 2018/21 provides a framework for Argyle Housing to build local partnerships that fulfill specific needs and to respond quickly and effectively to wider growth opportunities that may arise.

Our sincere thanks to all who were involved in what was a lengthy consultation process for their ideas and willing participation. The Argyle Housing Board, Management and Staff are committed to translating this Plan into a lived reality.

Wendy Middleton
CEO, Argyle Housing


Our Vision

To deliver quality housing options and connections to community.

Our Values


We have regard for the feelings, wishes and rights of everybody.


We seek out ways to improve and add value to the delivery of our services.


We are accountable for what we do and how we do it.


We face our challenges, we learn and we move forward.


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