2018 Argyle Housing Annual Report



Argyle Housing is committed to assisting people on low to moderate incomes to access housing solutions that meet their needs. We are responsive and accountable to our tenants and strive to enable improved social and economic outcomes, whilst acknowledging the role stable housing plays in the lives of people who are not able to live elsewhere.

We provide tenancy management services to 4601 people from Campbelltown to the Victorian border, down to Wollongong and in the ACT. Tenancy services are provided from 13 separate office locations with the Management, Finance, Rent Review, Access and Allocations and Asset functions centralised in our head office in Bowral.

Tenants are the heart of Argyle Housing and we would particularly like to thank the tenants who have shared their inspirational stories in this annual report.

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Tenants and household members by location

Wagga Wagga


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“Thank you Argyle Housing for helping me to find housing that meets my needs so well. After some problems last year I am so happy where I am living. Thank you again”

Campbelltown Tenant

Pathways to

Argyle Housing’s Access and Allocations team is the first contact point for people in need of safe, secure and affordable housing. The team’s role is to assist people to access either social or private market accommodation that meets their needs.

In addition to its primary function, the A&A team plays an important role within the community as an advocate for homeless services. The team also collaborates with local government, community groups and private business to develop adaptive and innovative solutions that meet the needs of vulnerable and marginalised groups within the community.

The A&A team works closely with local Family And Community Services (FACS) Housing Service teams to facilitate the housing assistance products Argyle Housing does not have access to, but which benefit clients. This collaboration has been very successful and has achieved many positive outcomes.

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Number of people Argyle houses who live with a disability



Male tenants with Argyle Housing

Eric’s story

“Despite his physical restrictions, Eric looks for the shining light in the task ahead and works to turn a negative into a positive.”

Eric embodies the term adaptability in every moment of his day to day living. As a quadriplegic, Eric lives an independent lifestyle and continues to overcome obstacles with a positive outlook and a ‘can do’ attitude that has allowed him to achieve remarkable outcomes for himself and other people who live with a disability.

After the accident that left him a quadriplegic, Eric was quick to learn how to cope with a new way of life. He is a passionate advocate for those in the same situation and offers disability and emotional awareness training to businesses, and consults on workplace and home design accessibility.

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The Seupule family

Making the move to private rental

“We are thankful for the Argyle Housing community. They have helped us through the last 19 years with support that we had not received from anywhere else. Because of that we looked after the house like it was our own home.”

At the end of 1999, Ruta and her family moved into their home as Argyle Housing tenants in the Campbelltown area. It was a time when the family of seven was young and there was a need for them to live in affordable housing. Argyle Housing was able to provide them with a 4 bedroom house in the local area and the family of seven has been there since then.

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Education pathways

Throughout 2017/18, Argyle Housing has continued to provide tenants with educational opportunities and support that enhance their capacity to find employment, achieve financial independence and, potentially, exit social housing.

Argyle tertiary scholarships

The Argyle Housing Tertiary Scholarship program commenced in July 2014 as a Board funded initiative for tenants who wanted to study and/or learn new skills. The Scholarship program has continued grow with $57,505 funding in total to 30 June 2018.

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Francene’s story

“You cannot rush someone’s journey towards recovery; however, you can provide the bridge that enables change.” (Argyle Housing Tenancy Action Worker, Young)

Stable housing and support from the Argyle Housing team in Young has helped to enable Francene to transform her life and start to plan for the future. Francene is proud to share her story and hopes that it will inspire others to reach out and dare to hope that change is possible.

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Single parents with Argyle housing



Female tenants with Argyle Housing

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Enabling pathways to employment

“The course has been fabulous. I now know what I am actually doing on computers and I can do things like budgeting with ease. The whole experience has been empowering. Thank you” (Yvette)

In partnership with Wingecarribee Shire Council, Macarthur Community College and Robertson Technical Centre, Argyle Housing has been able to offer its tenants in the Wingecarribee area the opportunity to undertake three separate computer training courses that were held throughout 2018.

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Number of people Argyle houses who are over 55 years old


Frank’s story

‘I don’t know where I would be without Argyle Housing. I am very grateful for the support they have given to make me feel safe and linking me with other services.’

Frank’s life has changed for the better after meeting the Albury Tenancy Officer Lauren and the Tenancy Action Worker, Chantelle. Lauren and Chantelle have built a positive relationship with Frank over time and, recognising he was at risk in his accommodation, supported Frank to transfer to a lovely new unit with his loyal companion dog, Tammy.

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