2021 Digital Annual Report

About this Report

icon About this Annual Report

Argyle Housing is pleased to present the Annual Report for 2020–21.

This report is an overview of our operational and financial performance throughout the 2020-2021 financial year. It gives the reader an explanation of how we have delivered our services to our tenants and shows how we are striving to make a better future for the communities in which we serve.

This report is the last report against our Argyle Housing Strategic Plan. It describes the businesses performance over the last financial year and highlights the achievements of our staff and tenants. The report tells us what we have been doing well and the areas in which we need to make improvements in services to our tenants and the broader the community.

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We value your feedback on this Annual Report because it helps us make our next report better.

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This year we have aligned this report to our value of Opportunity. We hope you enjoy reading about our achievements and how we have sought to provide a range of opportunities, in housing, support services and wellbeing to our community.


Opportunities come in all forms and we often search for them, or they may land at our feet. It could be an occasion or situation that makes it possible to do something that you really want to do. It could also be the possibility of doing something that you have never done before.

Quite often we relate opportunity to employment, but it can come to you in many ways. Given the right situation or condition, opportunities can be favourable in reaching our personal goals, changing our opinion, or offering us new ways of looking at the world around us.

For the Tenant

We asked tenants for their feedback on what Opportunity means to them, whether they have had new opportunities come to them during lockdown or how they plan to take this opportunity to make changes in their life.

Some other things our tenants told us

  • Doing more puzzles and crosswords
  • Haven’t had the time with home schooling etc
  • There has been way too many things going on in her life that she hadn’t thought of taking on anything else
  • Opportunity to find stable housing, I was accepted into a transitional property and gain the independence and living skills of living by myself and being somewhere safe. Other opportunities are new experience, I’m currently completing my year 12 in a global pandemic which has helped me grow and find new ways of completing things
  • Opportunity of being in stable accommodation and completing year 12, to now have more of an idea of what’s it like upholding a tenancy to apply to my next tenancy
  • I take walks to have a break and I am taking this time to spring clean my house and go through the kid’s wardrobes
  • We have started mowing a couple of lawns at friends’ places to get out of the house and to keep ourselves active
  • Tenant is 82yrs old. She has stopped doing crossword puzzles since COVID and I have advised now is a great time to take it back up.  She said she loved doing it but felt she couldn’t continue.
  • A chance or situation to improve and make changes, or just do better
  • During COVID I was successful in finding new housing with Argyle Housing
  • After completing my Real Estate Diploma, this is a great opportunity for me to study computers online
  • In lockdown I am going to start a vegetable garden out the back. Growing my own veggies, will be good for my children to help and learn. The veggies will be organic, fresh, and free
  • Education, learning and spending quality time with my children.
  • Always wanted to do sustainable living. COVID has given opportunity to set this up at home and to take time and not to rush it
  • Something that allows us to do something we normally wouldn’t.

For the Organisation

For Argyle Housing, opportunity means you have a chance to grow, change, learn new skills, and finding ways to do things better for our community, either as individuals or as a team.

Seeking new opportunities to serve our tenants in more effective ways means that we are ensuring we take the opportunity to really know, listen and offer the type of personalised care that shows we really understand every individual tenant.

It gives us the ability and means to explore unknown territories to identify potential improvement and growth areas for our brand and business within the communities we serve.


The 2021 Argyle Housing Annual Report is primarily aimed at the following audiences:


icon Acknowledgement of Country

Argyle Housing acknowledges the Traditional Owners of Country throughout Australia and recognises their continuing connection to lands, waters, and communities. We pay our respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, and to Elders both past and present. We are committed to our reconciliation journey, because at its heart, reconciliation is about strengthening relationships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples, for the benefit of all Australians.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples should be aware that this website may contain images or names of people who have since passed away.

icon Welcome – Chair of the Board

Opportunity is one of Argyle Housing’s four Organisational Values and together they influence how we work and guide how we do business.

The Opportunity Value allows us to be open to something new, gives us the ability to explore new possibilities and to take chances.

The Strategic Plan for 2018 – 2021 that has been guiding Argyle Housing, is in its final year. The staff, management team and the Board have been taking the opportunity to concentrate time and effort into developing the next Strategic Plan for 2022 – 2025. The new Strategic Plan will give the business the space to explore new possibilities and ensure that we are delivering homes and services to our tenants in line with the three new pillars – Our Tenants, Our People and Our Business.

At the end of 2020 we thanked the previous Chair of the Board Terry Downing for his contribution to Argyle Housing and for his many years of service. Taking on the Chair role is an honour, and I am proud of the work Argyle Housing does within the communities that it serves. This is especially true for regional areas were there has been an increase in the need for affordable housing. With more than half of Argyle Housing tenants living in regional areas, the focus to develop new housing opportunities within these communities is high on our agenda. Along with the Board, I look forward to continuing the great work Argyle Housing does.

On the 1st of January we welcomed Bob Mulcahy to the Argyle Housing Board. As well as his financial expertise, Bob brings to the Board 20 years’ experience in social and affordable housing. This experience focused on service delivery built around community needs with a passion for regional and remote areas.

One of the projects that Argyle Housing undertook this year was a significant upgrade of homes with a grant from NSW Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC).

The $3.5 million dollar grant meant that we were able to upgrade LAHC homes which not only addressed some major repairs but increased the livability of these homes, improved the overall street appeal, and increased the pride our tenants feel for their homes.

The grant provided a boost to regional businesses, local contractors, and trades people. It also meant that Argyle Housing was able to use otherwise allocated budget to focus repairs and maintenance on Argyle Housing capital homes.

So many elements of our lives have been impacted by COVID-19.  We have all made adjustments during this pandemic and some periods of time have been very challenging.  Lockdown has highlighted some things we take for granted.  Having a safe and secure place to call home is certainly one of those things.  Wellbeing is another. Taking care of ourselves and reaching out to neighbours, friends and others in our communities has helped us all get through.  The Board and the Argyle Housing team have made adjustments to the way we operate and the way we connect. We know the business and our team have the flexibility and knowledge to ensure the ongoing safety of our staff and tenants.  We certainly look forward to meeting you again face-to-face as we move out of lockdown into the new era of being COVID safe.

I would like to thank the Board for keeping tenants at the centre of everything we do, dedication to providing homes and commitment to building better communities. I would especially like to thank our CEO Wendy Middleton.  Her energy and passion for making a difference to the lives of individuals and families through creating homes in regional areas is extraordinary. Tolland and Griffin Green are examples of Wendy’s vison and drive for building a better future for our communities. She is passionate about our tenants and the opportunities that a safe and stable home provides to us all.  Thank you also to the strong Leadership team and every Argyle Housing staff member who ensure that the delivery of these projects are a success.

icon Welcome from the CEO

Searching for new opportunities is a fundamental value for Argyle Housing as it is through these opportunities that we can offer new homes for people in need.

I have personally gotten to know some of our tenants, that through being given the opportunity to live in a safe and secure home, they now have a world of possibilities open to them. These could be from volunteering roles in the community to starting a new career. But it’s stability that people need first to have the confidence to ask, “What is next for me?”.

This Annual Report reflects the many roads that our tenants have been down to seek out new opportunities and to create better outcomes for themselves, their families and their communities. It also shows the hard work our team has put into seeking out new housing opportunities in those communities that really need housing. The last year has seen a shift in ideology for a lot of people working in our large cities, as they seek a better life for their families in regional areas. This in turn has placed pressure on regional housing as rent and housing prices rise in these regional areas, putting homes out of each for low income and key workers.

It is through the hard work and dedication of our team through these difficult times, that has meant that we have had to look outside of the box and seek new opportunities and possibilities to assist those in need of housing.

Faced with working from home and in lockdown, has been a challenge for staff. Some team members have been isolated for many months and their wellbeing and mental health were of the highest concern for the management team. But for many, their main concern was for our tenants. The weekly phone call from an Argyle Housing staff member was sometimes the only contact a tenant may have throughout their week. But for most, their spirits are high as we look forward to being fully vaccinated and returning to a new COVID safe living environment.

Argyle Housing and Griffith City Council last year secured $6 million in funding from the Federal Government through the Building Better Regions Fund for a subdivision housing project called Griffin Green, which will re-develop Dave Taylor Park in south Griffith. With Argyle Housing and Griffith City Council each contributing $3 million to fund this project, this will see a needed boost for Affordable Housing within the region in line with Griffith City Council’s Housing Strategy.

After extensive community consultation over a few months, a Development Application was lodged in July 2021 for 20 affordable dwellings and 42 build ready lots. We also committed to ensuring residents will have access to new playground equipment, a basketball court, and a large open green space within Griffin Green. A new Community Hub will also be constructed by Argyle Housing.

Griffin Green will create a vibrant, diverse, community comprising of new private housing and Affordable Housing for key workers within Griffith. We hope that this project will deliver a lot of positives for the community and the partnership between Argyle Housing and Council will be a blueprint for future developments in regional cities.

The future focus for new housing developments for Argyle Housing is very bright with a range of new Affordable Housing opportunities being developed in many of the regional towns that we service. Without the dedication of our Board and hard work of the Management team and staff, we would not be in a situation where we are creating new housing opportunities for many of our regional tenants. I thank them for making the difficult decisions, working hard with their teams, and keeping us focused throughout the year.

After many years of service on the Board, I also look forward to working closely with our new Chair Donna Anthes.

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door and that’s what we are doing.

icon Vision and Values

icon Strategic Plan 2021

Argyle Housing’s 2018-21 Strategic Plan is focused on the organisation’s need to remain relevant to the Tenants we serve. The Plan expresses a commitment to ongoing improvement by providing a clear direction for the development of staff both in regard to their skills and the maximisation of individual potential.

The Strategic Plan review was tenant and community focused with an emphasis on how Argyle Housing can provide more housing options, exceptional tenancy experience and opportunities for tenants to achieve the best outcomes possible in their lives. The review was also an opportunity for Argyle Housing to plan how, as an organisation, it can meet the housing needs of the communities in which we operate.

The Strategic Plan 2018/21 provides a framework for Argyle Housing to build local partnerships that fulfil specific needs and to respond quickly and effectively to wider growth opportunities that may arise.

This is the last year in which we report on events under these Strategic Objectives.

Tenant Experience

Assist people on low to moderate income by providing access to housing solutions

Community Connections

Encourage the involvement of people and organisations in the solution of problems affecting community

People and Culture

Foster an inclusive and positive workplace environment

Relationships and Partnerships

Develop strong and effective relationships and partnerships to achieve positive outcomes for the people and communities we serve

Growth for Sustainability

Increase housing options while sustaining our current assets.

icon Our Mission

A better future for our communities through the growth and sustainability of our quality housing services.

icon Strategic Pillars

Three strategic pillars were developed through our staff consultation process. The pillar has an aspirational goal that contributes to our 2022-2027 strategy.

icon Our Services

Argyle Housing is a not-for-profit, Community Housing Provider. Our main objective is to provide and manage secure, Social and Affordable Housing for people on low to moderate incomes who would otherwise struggle to find accommodation.

Argyle Housing is a high performing Tier 1 Community Housing Provider and a Registered not-for-profit that delivers specialised, evidence-based tenancy and support services tailored to local regional and urban contexts across New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory. Argyle Housing currently has approximately 2,700 properties under management that house over 4,500 people from all walks of Australia’s diverse society.

Argyle Housing is also a registered provider with the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission accredited to provide or facilitate Tenancy Support and Home Modifications to our tenants who live with a disability.

Argyle Housing is working on delivering the Future Direction for Social Housing priorities by providing new, good quality housing that will enable a pathway and opportunity for Social Housing tenants to move through the housing continuum from Social Housing, to Affordable Housing and onto the private rental market and home ownership.

Argyle Housing is an ethical organisation committed to increasing the supply of quality Affordable Housing for people in regional NSW. Argyle Housing has been working with local councils and private and/or public stakeholders in regional areas to deliver housing that meets the identified needs of the community. These are exciting major projects that will bring about real change and opportunity in currently disadvantaged communities.

With over 25 years’ experience working in the Community Housing Sector, Argyle Housing has managed Social and Affordable homes in the Wingecarribee LGA, Wollondilly LGA, Campbelltown, Goulburn, Young, Yass, Temora, Griffith, Wagga Wagga, Canberra, Conder and Queanbeyan.

icon Our Portfolio

icon Our History


The Wingecarribee Community Tenancy Scheme and Macarthur Community Tenancy Scheme amalgamate to form Argyle Community Housing Association with a total of 120 properties

Co-Executive Managers of Argyle Housing are Leslie Oatley (Wingecarribee Community Tenancy) and Brian Murnane (Macarthur Community Tenancy)


Argyle Housing takes over the management of 30 additional properties in Goulburn


Argyle Housing is awarded Class 2 registration as a community housing provider and opens an office in Bradbury, South West Sydney in NSW


Argyle Housing is awarded its first 3-year Accreditation

Initiation of the Claymore Intensive Management Program with Department of Housing


Argyle Housing wins the award for Excellence in Partnerships at the NSW Awards for Excellence in Community Housing

524 properties under management


644 properties under management

Argyle Housing achieves both 3-year accreditation and ongoing registration


Argyle Housing is a founding member of Powerhousing Australia – a peer network and business alliance of Australian non-profit housing organisations


Argyle Housing amalgamates with the Queanbeyan Tenancy Management Scheme

894 properties under management

Commencement of the Stock Transfer of 363 Housing NSW properties to Argyle Housing in the Wingecarribee


Argyle Housing changes its business status from ‘Incorporated’ to ‘Company Limited by Guarantee’

Argyle Housing and four other Community Housing Providers, form BlueCHP Ltd. to tender for government funds to purchase or construct new housing

1,152 properties under management

Argyle Housing builds it first affordable housing property


Argyle Housing takes over the management of 212 social housing properties in Wagga Wagga, Griffith, and Leeton

Wagga Wagga and Griffith offices open and new staff employed

Stock transfer of 132 properties in the Wollondilly is completed

1,407 properties now under management


Argyle Housing receives the title to 100 properties under the Asset Ownership tender

Argyle Housing is successful in tendering for 150 properties under the Nation Building Economic and Stimulus

Housing Pathways introduced to streamline and centralise applications for social housing in NSW

The Stock Transfer of 287 Housing NSW properties to Argyle Housing in Young, Yass and Crookwell commences


Argyle Housing expands into ACT with the management of 53 over 55s units in Conder

Over 2,000 properties now under management


Argyle Housing is awarded the tender by the ACT Government for the tenancy management of Ainslie Village in the ACT

Argyle Housing achieves Class 1 registration in NSW enabling it to pursue development activities and partnerships

With partners My Gateway and TAFE NSW, Argyle Housing constructs three affordable housing dwellings in Griffith, NSW – an initiative to assist unemployed indigenous youth in the community

Branding refreshed to a contemporary style whilst still retaining the existing logo

Vesting of title of 159 properties owned by the NSW Government to Argyle Housing

2,100 properties under management as of 30 June 2012


The Rotaract Park community project, in partnership with the Young Shire Council, Young High School, North Young Primary School commences to deliver a major park upgrade for the benefit of Argyle Housing tenants and the community generally

Almost 2,300 properties under management


Argyle Housing is invited to participate in the pilot scheme for the new National Regulatory System for Community Housing Providers and is successful in gaining Tier 1 Registration under the new scheme


Argyle Housing launches a vibrant new logo and brand, website, and social media network

Launch of Argyle Housing’s first Reconciliation Action Plan

Argyle Housing is successful in its bid to manage 40 new units at Common Ground Canberra and 14 units at Eventide in Yanco

Completion of the construction of 16 x one and two-bedroom affordable housing units in the Southern Highlands

Argyle Housing employees take home industry awards including Emerging Leader award (NSW) from the Federation of Housing, and Inspirational Team Member of the Year from the Australasian Housing Institute

Commencement of the Argyle Housing Tertiary Scholarship program for tenants

The first fully integrated IT system for Argyle Housing, Kypera, is introduced

New outreach offices in Tahmoor, Goulburn and Yass are opened taking the number of Argyle Housing offices to 12

The Tenancy Action Worker role is introduced at Argyle Housing with five specialist workers appointed to support tenants to sustain tenancies and achieve positive social and personal outcomes in their lives

The Six Worthy Weeks program for 14-19 year olds is introduced for a 12-month period to incentivise young people to volunteer in their communities

2,300 properties are now under management spread across 19 LGA’s in NSW and the ACT

In late 2015, Chris Benton, long term Director and Chair of the Argyle Housing Board is appointed as the first Patron of Argyle Housing


Argyle Housing introduces tenant consultations for state-wide policy and legislative change

The Argyle Housing Tertiary Scholarship continues to grow with 15 tenants assisted and $19,500 awarded towards educational expenses

Tahmoor and Goulburn outreach offices open co-locating with Wollondilly Links in Tahmoor and Grand Pacific Health in Goulburn

Seven Ainslie Village residents take part in Argyle Housing’s applied learning program onsite in Campbell ACT

Susan Bailey and Donna Anthes join the Argyle Housing Board and Argyle Housing now has 76 employees

Argyle Housing takes on its first group of administration trainees as a pilot program in Bowral and Campbelltown

Argyle Housing and SEARMS Aboriginal Corporation partnership is established to assist SEARMS to gain NRSCH Tier 1 or 2 Registration

Argyle Housing purchased 11 properties in 2016 in Campbelltown, Goulburn, Wagga Wagga and Queanbeyan at a cost of $4.1m. Nine of these properties are affordable housing properties

2,437 properties owned or under management by Argyle Housing as of 30 June 2016


2,463 properties are now under management by Argyle Housing with 5,288 household members

Argyle Housing’s affordable housing portfolio has grown to 80 properties

Argyle Housing achieves an 86% overall satisfaction rating from its tenants in the biennial Tenant Satisfaction Survey

A dedicated Access and Allocations team is established to streamline the housing application process

Premiere’s Youth Initiative 3-year partnership with Anglicare NSW commences to support youth exiting Out of Home Care

The Argyle Tertiary Scholarship program continues to grow with $17,490 in scholarship funding granted to tenant in the 2016/17 FY

During 2017, Argyle Housing purchases 9 new affordable housing properties, two in Griffith and 7 in Campbelltown

Argyle Housing partners with the Australian Red Cross to manage properties for the Humanitarian Settlement Program

The ACT Government transfers Title of the Conder complex to Argyle Housing

The total value of Argyle Housing properties is now $76.2m


Argyle Housing launches its first Digital Annual Report

The new Strategic Plan 2018/21 is launched

With additional funding provided by private and community sponsors, the Argyle Tertiary Scholarship Program has now provided a total of $57,505 in grants to tenants for educational expenses to 30 June 2018

Argyle Housing partners with Directions Health Services in the ACT to provide an outreach health clinic at Ainslie Village

An Argyle Housing employee survey unanimously endorses Argyle Housing’s stance against domestic and family violence and registration as a White Ribbon Organisation

The Chris Benton Outstanding Employee Award in honour of past Chair and Argyle Housing’s first patron is introduced at the 2018 Annual General Meeting

Raija Purse, Argyle Housing’s Tenancy Officer at Common Ground in the ACT is awarded the REI Canberra’s Community Housing Sector Property Manager of the Year Award

The Campbelltown office relocates to Browne Street in Campbelltown

Older Women in Housing Project - Argyle Housing purchases 8 x 2 bedroom units in Queanbeyan, Wagga and Griffith funded jointly by Argyle Housing and the state government’s Community Housing Innovation and Leverage Fund

Argyle Housing and Challenge Southern Highlands partner to provide tenancy management services for residents in specialised supported disability housing

The purchase of 5x3 bedroom homes in Wagga Wagga completes Argyle Housing’s asset vesting target with the NSW Government. This is the first time Argyle Housing has entered into a debt facility

2,335 properties under management as at 30 June 2018


Trevor Fair, long serving and now retired Board director is appointed Argyle Housing’s second Patron

Argyle Housing achieves 82% overall satisfaction rating from tenants in its biennial Tenancy Satisfaction Survey

The 2018/2019FY is the most successful year so far for the Argyle Housing Tertiary Scholarship with 31 scholarships awarded

The Orange Sky Laundry and Mobile dental clinic come onsite to Ainslie Village

Argyle Housing is successful in obtaining registration as a Provider with the NDIS Quality and Safeguard Commission

7 new properties purchased and there are now 379 properties owned by Argyle Housing

2,347 properties owned or under management as at 30 June 2019


In May 2019, Argyle Housing received $1.5m in stimulus finding from the NSW Government for upgrades to over 175 managed properties

Argyle Housing is successful in borrowing $12m in funding from NHFIC to acquire more housing

Griffith City Council and Argyle Housing partner to deliver 20 new affordable dwellings at Griffin Green, incorporating Dave Taylor Park

Argyle Housing commences the development of four new dwellings in Wakaden Street in Griffith

In Wagga Wagga, Argyle Housing commissions the construction of 4 new 2 bedroom villa units

2 x 2 bedroom garden Units are completed in Tahmoor and Moss Vale

35 Argyle Tertiary Scholarships are awarded to tenants with the total scholarship funding awarded since 2015 reaching $141,813

The Winter Lodge, providing temporary accommodation for homeless men during winter opens at Ainslie Village in the ACT with 144 accommodated during the winter months

Argyle Housing secures NSW Government funding through the Together Home Program to house rough sleepers in Western Sydney and the Murrumbidgee regions

Argyle Housing exits the Humanitarian Settlement Program after three successful years of partnership with the Australian Red Cross

In partnership with BlueCHP and the NSWALC Housing, Argyle Housing submits an EOI to Government outlining its vision for the renewal of the Tolland Gardens Housing Estate

A total of 91 affordable dwellings are now managed or owned by Argyle Housing in NSW and the ACT

383 properties now owned by Argyle Housing


The Premier’s Youth Initiative Program is extended for a further 3 years to 2024

$3.364m stimulus funding was received from the NSW Government for external improvements to 300 properties managed by Argyle Housing

Successful in Tolland EOI. Consortium prepares Business Case for Government

The Griffin Green Project commences in Griffith NSW

Winter Lodge is funded for another 2 winters at Ainslie Village

Directions Health bring COVID 19 vaccinations onsite at Ainslie Village

Argyle Housing secures funding from NSW Government under the Together Home Program to house 22 people sleeping rough in Murrumbidgee and South West Sydney for up to 2 years with intensive case management in partnership with Uniting and Marathon Health

Claymore Housing Estate accelerated Stage 11 redevelopment by the NSW Government commences which will involve the rehousing of 43 Argyle Housing households over a 9-month period

2,339 properties owned or under management as of 30 June 2021

icon Thank you

We would like to thank the Commonwealth, NSW, and ACT Governments; and the organisations, agencies, contractors and local governments that have worked with Argyle Housing throughout 2020/2021. You have all helped us deliver great outcomes and assisted in creating new opportunities for our tenants and communities.

We also acknowledge and thank our staff across all locations. We appreciate your effort and commitment throughout the year.


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