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Appeal a decision made by Argyle Housing

The decisions Argyle Housing makes are based on a set of policies and procedures that aim to be fair to everyone. These policies and procedures are designed to meet agreed standards of service for community housing and to comply with the law.

You may not always agree with a decision we make. If you do not, it is important that you use your right as a tenant to ask us to review our decision in one of the following ways

Online: Argyle Housing Appeals Online Form

In Person: Complete and submit at your local Argyle Housing office

Post: Download, print and complete the Argyle Housing Appeals Form and return via mail to

Complaints & Appeals Officer
Argyle Housing
PO Box 1026
Bowral NSW 2576

Email: Download, print, complete and scan the Argyle Housing Appeals Form and return as an email attachment to

What happens next?

Argyle Housing Appeals Policy

If you would like someone to advocate on your behalf or require assistance making a complaint, please contact us so we can link you with the appropriate support services.

Other Resources

Housing Appeals Committee (NSW)

Housing Review Committee (ACT)



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