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Looking for Housing?

Do you need Social or Affordable housing?

There are two types of housing which Argyle Housing can assist you with in NSW and the ACT – these are Social Housing and Affordable Housing.

People in Australia who are on low incomes can access housing from what is broadly known as Social Housing. To access Social Housing you must be able to satisfy eligibility criteria set by the relevant state or territory via an application process. To see if you are eligible, please review the relevant state/territory department resources below:

What is Social Housing?

How do I apply for Social Housing?

Social housing is one of the products you can be considered for when you make an application for housing assistance. You can also apply for housing assistance if you are already a tenant of a social housing provider (such as DCJ or a participating community housing provider).

In general, you must be at least 18 years of age and fulfill the Eligibility for Social Housing Policy.

You can lodge your application online or apply by phone on 1800 422 322.

How do I apply for Affordable Housing?

Affordable Housing provides Australians who are working on low to moderate incomes with an opportunity to rent homes at a rate that is below market value rent. You may be eligible if you can prove that over the past 12 months you have received an income between $39,300 and $179,100 depending on your family size, and the weekly cost of rent does not exceed more than 30% of your weekly household income.

What is Affordable Housing?

If you are employed and eligible for Affordable Housing, please fill in the form below and a representative from Argyle Housing will be in touch with you shortly.

Are you eligible for Affordable Housing?

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