2021 Digital Annual Report

Our People

icon Board of Directors

Argyle Housing is governed by a Board of Directors who bring a diverse set of skills, experience, and knowledge to guide the strategic direction of Argyle Housing, while our Chief Executive Officer and Leadership Team lead an organisation of dedicated individuals to implement this strategy.

Qualifications: BA (Communication), Grad Cert Bus Admin, GAICD.
Special Responsibilities: Ex-offico Member, Assets, Acquisitions & New Business Committee and Nomination, Remuneration & Governance Committee.

What does Opportunity mean to me?

Opportunity is one of Argyle Housing’s four Organisational Values and together they influence how we work and guide how we do business. The Opportunity Value allows us to be open to something new, gives us the ability to explore new possibilities and to take chances.


Donna is an experienced Company Secretary and Non-Executive Director with proven governance & risk management expertise. She has significant board level experience and leverages her strong record of accomplishment in leading change and resolving complex business issues. Donna’s rich experience, ranging from start-up businesses to large-scale organisations, enables her to engage effectively and credibly with a broad range of stakeholders and provide sound business leadership in changing environments. Donna has executive experience across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors including Qantas, Macquarie Bank, and the University of Newcastle, where she has been responsible for achieving operational efficiencies; implementing significant change programs; establishing corporate service functions and governance frameworks. A record of accomplishment of business development accompanies Donna’s strong leadership.

Donna was appointed to the Argyle Housing Board on 1 January 2016.


Qualifications: BA/LL.M, MPAdmin, GradDipPM, MAICD.
Special Responsibilities: Chair, Nominations, Remuneration & Governance Committee and Member, Audit & Risk Committee.

What does Opportunity mean to me?

A situation or circumstances which give you a chance to try something new.


Susan is a Non-Executive Director in the not-for-profit sector and previously in the public sector. She has over 30 years’ experience as a commercial lawyer in the private and public sectors including insurance and electricity. Susan has executive experience as General Counsel of Ausgrid and General Counsel and Company Secretary of Royal & Sun Alliance.

Susan was appointed to the Argyle Housing Board on 1 January 2016.


Qualifications: Master of Commerce (Valuation), with Distinction; Graduate Diploma in Property Investment; Advanced Certificate in Real Estate; Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors; Licensed Real Estate Agent (NSW).
Special Responsibilities: Member, Assets, Acquisition & New Business Committee and Member, Audit & Risk Committee.

What does Opportunity mean to me?

Opportunity is about identifying and pursuing the pathways for delivering the best outcomes possible for our tenants, guided by the continual deepening of our understanding of their needs, expectations and aspirations.


Chris has 36 years of broad-ranging experience in the property industry, covering property funds management (both listed and unlisted); property and asset management; property investment (including acquisition and divestment); property development; project management; financial management; marketing; sustainability; and corporate governance and compliance. He has experience both on-shore (Australia) and offshore (as Regional Head of Asset Management for Asia-Pacific, based in Singapore, with LaSalle Investment Management).

During his career, Chris also has held senior roles with GPT Group, Lendlease, BT Funds Management / Principal Financial Group, Colliers International, Jones Lang Wootton (now JLL) and, early in his career, in the Commonwealth and New South Wales governments. Chris is a Non-Executive Director of Harbison Memorial Retirement Village and is a member of Harbison’s Built Environment Development and Risk & Audit committees. He is currently Managing Director of Pindari Capital, a funds management company wholly owned by Mulpha Australia.

Chris was appointed to the Argyle Housing Board on 1 January 2018.


Qualifications: BBus (Accounting); Master Tax Law; Fellow Chartered Accountant; Certified Tax Advisor; MAICD.
Special Responsibilities: Chair, Audit & Risk Committee and Member, Nominations, Remuneration & Governance Committee.

What does Opportunity mean to me?

Opportunity at Argyle Housing is providing people with the ability to identify what they want to do and achieve and work with them to fulfil those outcomes. Opportunities are possibilities that need to be embraced to turn into actions. At Argyle Housing we like to focus on good outcomes for our tenants and team and support them in identifying opportunities within Argyle Housing that are important to them and assisting them in getting positive outcomes.


Yvette has over 25 years’ experience in public practice as a Chartered Accountant, working with private groups and not-for profit organisations.

Yvette is currently an independent member of the Governance, Audit & Risk Committee for Shellharbour City Council, and was previously a Trustee and Deputy Chair of Centennial Park & Moore Park Trust and a member of NSW Council for Women’s Economic Opportunity. Yvette has extensive experience in financial and risk management, corporate governance, business operations and commercial management.

Yvette was appointed to the Argyle Housing Board on 1 January 2018.


Qualifications: Associate Diploma in Business (Valuation); Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.
Special Responsibilities: Chair, Assets, Acquisitions & New Business Committee; Member Nominations, Remuneration & Governance Committee.

What does Opportunity mean to me?

Opportunity to me is about taking advantage of the circumstances that we are in and turning them into positive outcomes for our tenants, our team, and the communities that we operate within.  As we transition back from the challenges of the last 12 months, we have a unique window to change, innovate and try different approaches to enhance what we do.


Tracey has over 25 years in the property and finance sectors in strategic property and financial advisory, development and project management as well as asset and property management.  Tracey has held senior executive positions in both the public and private sector nationally and internationally this has included Landcom, Royal Bank of Scotland, CRI and Tamaki Regeneration Company.

Throughout this time, Tracey has been involved in a number of large scale social and urban renewal projects including most recently the Tamaki Regeneration Programme in Auckland, New Zealand.  This is the largest social regeneration project in New Zealand seeking improve the social and economic well-being of a key area of Auckland.

Tracey’s property and commercial background is coupled with a strong understanding of the social and community housing sector.

Tracey was appointed to the Argyle Housing Board on 1 May 2019.


Qualifications: Bachelor of Economics; Chartered Accountant; Fellow Australian Institute of Company Directors.
Special Responsibilities: Member, Assets, Acquisitions & New Business Committee, and Member, Audit & Risk Committee.

What does Opportunity mean to me?

Opportunity is a situation that makes it possible to do something you want to do or must do. It is the “chance” or “springboard” to do something. Argyle Housing is about providing that springboard by providing people with a safe and secure place to call home. Argyle Housing provides that base for a tenant’s springboard.

There is much research showing that stable shelter (i.e. a home) is integral to being able to access stable employment, to live in and contribute to a community; it helps achieve community outcomes. It also can reduce costs to many government services, for example, health care.

In other words, the whole community benefits from stable and safe housing availability.

Whilst Argyle Housing is about providing opportunity to tenants; we cannot do it alone. Lack of housing stock, higher residential housing prices, rising rents, and unemployment due to the Covid pandemic have made the provision of housing by providers such as Argyle Housing very difficult, particularly in regions. The result is an increase in wait times for potential tenants.

Paradoxically, this situation also provides an “opportunity” to federal, state, and local governments to collaborate/partner with providers such as Argyle Housing. It enables governments to invest in social housing, to make it possible to do what they want or must do to increase social housing stock for the overall benefit of communities around Australia. Argyle Housing has been and will continue to seek such collaboration opportunities because our experience has shown that safe, secure, and affordable housing is the springboard everyone needs to create their own life opportunities and goals.

That is what “opportunity” means to me and why ‘opportunity” is one of Argyle Housing’s important Values.


Julian Sawicki has a 25-year career in executive management and membership of boards. This experience covers financial management, strategic planning, risk management, human resources and culture, quality, and compliance with a strong understanding of board governance principles arising from the completion of the Company Directors course via the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Julian’s passion for community services is reflected in his senior and Chief Executive roles with values-based organisations providing a wide range of community and personal support services throughout South Australia. His experience in community housing policy and practice arises from significant involvement with community housing companies such as Westside Housing and Unity Housing. This practical experience coupled with knowledge of government policy adds to his board experience in the superannuation, community services, community housing, and disability services sectors.

Julian believes that access to safe, secure, and affordable housing is essential for a fair community if its members are to participate fully in the life of their community.

Julian was appointed to the Argyle Housing Board on 1 May 2019.


Qualifications: B.Bus (Acct/Fin) (UTS); Master of Business Administration (AGSM); Fellow CPA Australia; Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.
Special Responsibilities: Member, Audit & Risk Committee.

What does Opportunity mean to me?

Opportunity for me is when someone or organisation provides another person with the ability to undertake something they would like to do. Opportunity could be encouragement of a baby to take its first step, encouraging a child in the attainment of the first certificate of achievement, anyone desiring to master a new skill, it might be the start of a new love with the view of longer-term commitment and, it could be the goal of achieving self-satisfaction. Looking for opportunity is a positive sign. Do not hesitate to take the opportunity to be great in whatever you want in your life.


Robert has over 30 years senior executive experience in the financial services and for purposes sectors nationally and internationally. Initial responsibilities were focused on financial matters and has transitioned towards general management including strategic planning, operational excellence, business development and risk identification and mitigation. Appointments over this period include significant roles at Westpac, Toyota Finance and Uniting.

Robert has been directly responsible for innovative social and financial transactions including the NEWPIN Social Impact Bond and the Foyer Central Youth Accommodation initiative. Robert’s financial services background is complimented with a strong understanding of the social and community housing sector, in particular with regional locations especially in First Australian communities.

Prior Board appointments have been undertaken in financial services, community housing, disability accommodation, family support and youth services.

Robert was appointed to the Argyle Housing Board on 1 January 2021.

icon Donna Anthes Profile

As a Board member since 2016, we have appreciated Donna’s input and experience in leading change and resolving complex business issues throughout her term.

Donna has long been an advocate for Social and Affordable Housing in regional areas. She has lived and worked in the NSW Northern Tablelands, Alice Springs, NSW Central Coast, Newcastle, and Canberra and is passionate about providing opportunities for families or individuals in need of safe and secure housing in regional areas.

Having access to stable, secure housing gives people the opportunity to seek new ways to improve their personal situation. Sourcing ways to further education or find employment is much easier when you have the ability to return to a safe and secure home.

Donna has been a lifelong learner and hopes that enabling housing for those in need will offer tenants opportunities for growth and the hope that they may be open to learning, as education leads to new directions.

Donna shares the belief that housing is not just bricks and mortar, that we make connections with the houses we live in and call them homes. Our homes are the foundation for life in which we enjoy time with family and friends. We make connections with the people around the neighbourhood and build communities in which we have similar interests and share a sense of belonging and place.

When we feel valued in our communities, the more we feel we are able to contribute and give back to the community in which we live.

The voice of the tenant is important to the Board and Donna welcomes any comments or feedback through their contact with any Argyle Housing staff member.

icon Robert Mulcahy Profile

We welcome Robert (Bob) to the Board of Argyle Housing after he has served in the profit and not for profit business environments for over 30 years. His experience on other Community Housing Providers’ Boards, allows him to bring a wealth of knowledge, skills, and empathy to the Argyle Housing Board. He hopes this will aid in creating better experiences and opportunities for tenants and communities in regional cities. Having family connections in the regional towns of Moss Vale, Temora and Leeton, Bob is fully aware of the needs of regional areas which Argyle Housing services.

Having worked for Uniting for many years, Bob understands the support that some tenants may require to source opportunities for personal growth and to sustain their housing.

With Bob’s experience in working with ‘Youth Off The Streets’, he has seen firsthand that early intervention with young people can make a large difference in their lives. Young people leaving care need to be supported to ensure they are prepared for a brighter future, with education and the possibility of employment and safe secure housing. Bob knows that getting in early with affected youth can make a large difference in their lives.

Bob’s previous appointments include significant roles at Westpac and Toyota Finance. With this commercial background he hopes to be able to identify commercial opportunities within the community to assist in the development and creation of Social and Affordable Housing for Argyle Housing tenants.

After being appointed to the Board, Bob has been really pleased to see Argyle Housing’s future focus, awareness and support for Aboriginal Housing. Bob has observed the benefits of working closely with Aboriginal communities from the very start. That deep and respective consultation is key to any successful Community project.

icon Our Staff


David Herne
5 Year’s Service
Maintenance Officer – Campbelltown

Dave Herne commenced his employment with Argyle Housing on the 2 July 2015 as a Maintenance Officer after many years running his own successful plumbing business. Dave has been a great asset to Argyle Housing over the last five and half years not just through his extensive and detailed knowledge of property and asset maintenance, but also thought his strong relationships with tenants. He looks out for them and they know they can rely on him to not only get the job done, but to also understand and accommodate their needs. Dave is a very strong advocate for getting Planned and Upgrade works done, and he knows his portfolio very well. In addition to his role as a Maintenance Officer, Dave has been the Chair of the Work Health & Safety Committee and remains an enthusiastic and active member to this day. Dave has also been a key member of Argyle Housing’s COVID Committee since the beginning of the pandemic and we are very grateful to have Dave at Argyle Housing.


Jennifer Chapman
5 Years’ Service
Team Leader – Griffith

Jennifer commenced her employment with Argyle Housing as a Tenancy Officer in our Griffith office in November 2016. Throughout her time in this role, it was evident that she possessed a positive attitude and a team player instinct. Jennifer is very driven and has great knowledge and experience in all thing’s tenancy management. Due to these strengths Jennifer was promoted to Team Leader for Griffith, Yass and Young in August of 2018 leading a team of around eight people. With a positive attitude and no challenge ever too great she has excelled, always willing to lend a hand. Her experience has been crucial in assisting, mentoring, coaching, and supporting new staff. Having led our regional offices through tough times both staffing wise and through increased workloads due to ongoing projects and demand Jennifer has been truly an inspiration for coming out the other side, wiser and continuing to show ongoing loyalty, and commitment to the team and our tenants.

Throughout 2019 and 2020 Argyle Housing underwent a regional restructure so Jennifer moved into a Team Leader/Tenancy Officer hybrid role in Griffith. It has been a challenging role with a workload that is complex and very high, however Jennifer is not only stepping up to the challenge, but she is also doing wonderful things for our tenants, her team, and the organisation. Jennifer still manages to travel to our other offices to step in and assist in tough times, such as Bowral in recent months when there was one tenancy officer and no team leader. Jennifer is an absolute asset to the organisation. Your service and hard work do not go unnoticed, and we all appreciate your knowledge and the information you share with us.


Deb Hill
5 Years’ Service

Deborah is an integral part of the Bowral Tenancy Team and is the first point of contact for our clients in many instances.  Deb started with Argyle Housing as our Administration Officer/Receptionist in October 2016 in a temporary position. By the following February Deb started in a permanent position.

Deb is focused and has a great repour with many of our tenants building long life long relationships.   As the heart of the Operations Team, the tenants really appreciate the awesome service that she provides with a smile every day.  She is the hub of the Bowral office and has a fountain of knowledge.

Congratulations on 5 years of Service and thank you for being such a valuable member of our organisation.


Rachel Swanston
10 Years’ Service
Tenancy Officer – Campbelltown

Rachael started her role with Argyle Housing in the Bowral office, l also working as the solo Tenancy Officer in our Tahmoor office – which closed in 2019. Rachael is a very valuable staff member with years of who has been able to work autonomously during her time in the Tahmoor office to deliver an exceptional service to the Argyle Housing tenants in that location.

Rachael transferred to the Campbelltown office in 2019 when the portfolios were realigned, and she was able to adapt well to the change and really make a difference to the Campbelltown team and tenants.

Rachael has a long-term relationship with many of the tenants in her portfolio, which has many positive outcomes for sustaining tenancies and resolving neighbourhood and community concerns.

A tenant recently wrote to Rachael after leaving Argyle Housing saying that she is grateful for the wonderful work that Rachael has done in the last 10 years and is very thankful to Argyle Housing for the assistance and support which is a testament to Rachael’s skill set, relationship building and hard work.

Simone Phillips
10 Years’ Service
Maintenance Officer – Assets Administration Officer

Simone Phillips joined Argyle Housing in November 2011 in a temporary capacity as Receptionist. Since that time Simone has worked in most areas of the organisation holding many key roles including Tenancy Officer, Tenancy Action Worker, Community Liaison Officer and Assets Administration Officer. Simone is highly regarded by our tenants and staff alike and she truly embodies the Argyle Housing Values of respect, opportunity, accountability and resilience in everything she does.

Through her roles at Argyle Housing, Simone has amassed an impressive knowledge about every tenant she has ever had dealings with – Simone knows their partners and children’s names, their likes and dislikes, what pets they have, the address of their current home (and previous homes) and we refer to her as “the oracle” for this reason.

In her current role as Assets Administration Officer, Simone acts with great compassion and puts the Argyle Housing tenant at the heart of every decision she makes – Simone reminds us of the human element in what seem like mundane repairs and maintenance works. Simone is a strong team player and is always going above and beyond for the organisation, the team and the tenants – she also is a marvellous cook and spoils the team with her home cooking often.

Simone is an asset to Argyle Housing, and we congratulate her on reaching this wonderful milestone.

icon Chris Benton Award – Bernadette Welfare

Senior Access & Allocations Officer – Bowral

The Chris Benton Perpetual Award is in recognition of the many years of guidance and support Chris Benton provided Argyle Housing, first as Argyle Housing’s Chairman of the Board and later as our Patron.

This award is to be presented each year at Argyle Housing’s Annual Meeting and will recognise an individual within Argyle Housing that has demonstrated the following qualities throughout their work:

  • Diligence in their conduct within and externally to the organisation
  • Commitment to Argyle Housing’s purpose
  • Demonstrated quite achievement in their specific area of work
  • Demonstrated that they are reliable
  • Has shown respect, and has earnt that respect in return from their peers
  • Is seen as a “Go-to” person within the organisation
  • Has shown determination and does not give up when they meet a challenge
  • Demonstrates an analytical approach to their work

To receive the Chris Benton Award was a great honour. Having had the opportunity of working with Chris in my early years at Argyle Housing, and seeing his dedication to what Argyle Housing does, and continues to do, makes winning the award even more special.

This year was the first year that there have been two recipients of the Award and to share it with Sally Couchman who has always been a fellow employee that I have respected, was a highlight in winning the Award.

This year the Chris Benton Award has taken on a very different perspective in the organisation. We have taken part in road trips to visit several of our offices and meet staff and tenants, to explain what the award is all about.  During these trips we also had the chance hear the many stories of how Argyle Housing has assisted many of our tenants, not only to resolve their housing needs but also to work towards achieving other goals in their life.

Personally, winning the award made me realise what a great organisation that I work for. In the last 14 years I have had many varied roles within Argyle Housing that have given me the opportunity to develop skills and undertake further training to assist the many people that have come to us for assistance.

The employees who make up Argyle Housing come from all different areas of the community and work as a collective group to continually help our tenants. This has been especially evident during both COVID lockdowns where we have had to assist our tenants in any way possible including reaching out to our many support agencies to arrange food hampers and daily phone call to check on our clients who have contracted COVID. I am proud to be a part of this organisation and thank them for nominating me for this award.

Bernadette Welfare

icon Chris Benton Award – Sally Couchman

A/Team Leader, Rent Review Team – Bowral

17/6/09: Client Services Officer

1/4/15: Change in title to Tenancy Officer

14/11/16: Transfer to Rent Review Team as a Rent Review Officer

24/8/20: Two-year secondment to Team Leader, Rent Review Bowral

The Chris Benton Perpetual Award is in recognition of the many years of guidance and support Chris Benton provided Argyle Housing, first as Argyle Housing’s Chairman of the Board and later as our Patron.

This award is to be presented each year at Argyle Housing’s Annual Meeting and will recognise an individual within Argyle Housing that has demonstrated the following qualities throughout their work:

  • Diligence in their conduct within and externally to the organisation
  • Commitment to Argyle Housing’s purpose
  • Demonstrated quite achievement in their specific area of work
  • Demonstrated that they are reliable
  • Has shown respect, and has earnt that respect in return from their peers
  • Is seen as a “Go-to” person within the organisation
  • Has shown determination and does not give up when they meet a challenge
  • Demonstrates an analytical approach to their work

Sally is unassuming and is always willing to do that bit extra. She lives and models the values of Argyle Housing and is a go to person to staff across the organisation. Sally’s manner in communicating to tenants is calm and considered. She is continually looking to new opportunities to improve processes in rent review and make it easier for the tenants and staff involved. Sally is committed to taking on activities that promote Argyle Housing and community causes.  Sally is well respected by both tenants and her fellow workers.  She has recently taken on the role of Acting Team Leader and is a valuable member of the Argyle Housing team.

To be selected as one of the recipients of the Chris Benton award this year was truly an honour and a great highlight of my year.

What the award symbolises and to be recognised for my efforts in this amazing organisation filled with wonderful individuals who are passionate about the industry and committed to helping our community makes me feel very proud.

2021 has been a challenging year that has forced us to think outside the box in how we continue to deliver our services after the difficulties we faced in 2020 and highlights to me even more how important our organisation is in our community.

Sally Couchman

icon Profile of Team Member – Rupinder

Rupinder was employed with Argyle Housing on 31st January 2012 in the Griffith Office. Employed on a temporary basis as Administration Support Officer, she became permanent in September 2012. In March 2013 she relocated and transferred her position to Wagga Wagga as their Administration Support Officer. She has worked in many roles throughout her career including Senior Admin Officer, Maintenance Admin, Access & Allocations, and the Humanitarian Settlement Program. She has acted in the role of Tenancy Officer a number of times but refuses to become one! Her colleagues have described her as “Jack of All Trades”.

Rupinder has seen Argyle Housing through many changes and has supported the Wagga Wagga office and its staff through these changes.

Rupinder has been with Argyle Housing from the time there were no delegated teams to carry out specific tasks such as Maintenance & Rent Review. All jobs of this nature were completed on a local level regional offices.

She has seen major structural changes from being a part of the Riverina Region with Wagga Wagga and Griffith as one team to being a part of Murrumbidgee Region with Young, Wagga Wagga and Griffith being a team to then being a part of the Wagga Wagga and Albury Team.

She has assisted in the move to the new office from Fitzmaurice St to Fitzhardinge St in 2015, the changeover to the new filing system in 2012, the migration to the new tenant database in 2015, the Accreditation process in 2016 and the switchover of Albury properties from Homes Out West to Argyle Housing in 2017.

Rupinder went on maternity leave in December 2019 and returned to work part time this year in January in the role of Administration Support Officer.

She enjoys her role with Argyle Housing and always loves helping the tenants and staff. She has a vast knowledge of the organisation and her role. She is always looking for new opportunities and ways to better the everyday tasks carried out in the office.

icon Profile of Team Member – Deb Hill

Deb started working at Argyle Housing in October 2016 on a one-month contract as the Bowral receptionist. After taking a six-year break from the workforce to focus on family, Deb was keen to get back into a community focused role and utilise her years of administration and interpersonal skills. Now almost five years later she’s still the cheery voice on the end of the phone and the smiling face of the Bowral reception. Deb often refers to herself as the director of first impressions. This is a very busy position in Argyle Housing however, it also gives Deb the opportunity to speak to most of the staff across the organisation as well as a lot of the tenants, service providers and the general public, not just in the Bowral portfolio.

Deb enjoys her role as the administration officer and no two days are the same. She deals with far more than the existing tenants and staff, also helping homeless people and Domestic Violence victims that may come to the office or call seeking information and resources.

When she first started at Argyle Housing, she had little idea how extensive Argyle Housing’s activities were in the broader community, however she quickly learned that it is an organisation that helps a lot of people and wanted to be a part of that community providing assistance and resources. Having worked at Argyle Housing for quite a long time now, Deb has developed relationships with her regular callers and visitors and takes a genuine interest in their wellbeing and welfare. Deb’s friendly and calm nature is certainly an asset in this busy role, and she is known among the tenants for being a caring, friendly, and professional member of the team that they can rely on. Among her co-workers she is respected for her knowledge of Argyle Housing and the client base, and her work ethic and dedication to the role. Deb looks forward to many more years in her current role, positively contributing to the Argyle Housing community.

icon Profile of Team Member – Luisa Smart

Luisa is a Griffith local and has been living in Griffith her whole life. She has completed a Bachelor in Human Resources/Business at Charles Sturt University and have she has worked in Griffith for over 43 years, with experience in Accounts payable, Payroll and Customer Service. Luisa started working for Argyle Housing over four years ago as an Administration Support Officer.

During this time Luisa interacts with the tenants on a regular basis as is the first point of call either when tenants are visiting the office or calling the office. This can be challenging but she also finds it rewarding when Luisa is able to help tenants enquiring about or looking for new housing opportunities. She has been able to get to know the tenants and able to help them straight away when they contact the office.

Luisa supports Jenny the Team Leader daily and maintains a high standard in office management. She is very comfortable with the work and is very resilient especially when having to work in the office on her own.

The Griffith Office only has two staff members, and this has allowed them to build a strong working relationship and they are able to rely on each other when needed. Luisa is an amazing support to Jenny in her role as it seems that Luisa is always one step ahead.

Luisa is a valuable asset to the Griffith Office, is always focused and provides a high level of service to both tenants and stakeholders. She shows resilience when faced with some challenging situations and always maintains professionalism.

Luisa is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to process and procedures within the office and provides support to other offices when needed, nothing is too much trouble for her.

icon Profile of Team Member – Judy Boyd

Judy comes to us from and Age Care background. Her last employment was with a well know organisation for 11 years. Judy was in quality control until her position was made redundant. Judy took this time to undertake some temp work whilst looking to reestablish herself in the Aged Care industry.

Judy commenced employment with Argyle Housing as a temp Administration Officer for a 3-month tenure. Judy’s contributions to the team were highly valued and appreciated, as such, Judy commenced a full-time role with Argyle Housing in July 2017 as the full time Administration Support Officer.

Judy is very passionate about providing exemplary, structured service and gaining the best possible outcome for anyone that she meets. Judy is normally the first point of contact for anyone calling the Queanbeyan Office and will go out of her way in the first instance to try and assist the caller without the need to transfer them to alternative people.

Judy has been the longest standing employee for the Queanbeyan region for some time now. This assists the tenants with stability, always provides a friendly familiar face in the office and someone that knows their history.

Given Judy’s history with Argyle Housing, her knowledge extends past her current role and Judy can assist the Tenancy and Management Team with additional duties.

The Queanbeyan Team are very thankful for Judy’s long-term commitment to the role. She is both a valuable and much respected member of the Team. 

When asked to describe her role, Judy jokingly says my role is to “keep all the ducks in a row and make sure everyone is looked after equally”.  This has earnt her the title of mother duck and we all appreciate her motherly instincts. 

icon Campbelltown Office Volunteering – “We Are Community”

Argyle Housing in December 2020 partnered with “We Are Community“ located at Riverside Drive, AIRDS NSW 2560. Leading up to Christmas the Campbelltown office participated in several weeks volunteering where we helped cook and prepare meals for 50 of the most vulnerable people during those Monday nights.

“We are Community Inc.” are an organisation that supplies meal services to community members who are experiencing homelessness or financial hardship in the Macarthur and Wollondilly. They also assist with basic needs such as toiletries blankets and clothing. 

They are a very positive grass roots organisation and make a big difference to our community by supporting and linking clients to other supports when required.

The Campbelltown Staff found the opportunity to volunteer a very rewarding, positive, and fun experience. They are all very happy to volunteer again, and they found the experience a good opportunity to help the local community, but we also had fun with the regulars and have now built new networks and relationships through this experience.

We Are Community CEO Paul Mackin wrote to Wendy Middleton thanking her and the Argyle Housing staff for their time and support:

Hi Wendy

Hope you are well; I feel it is important to share this information with you as a financial partner with We Are Community which I’m hoping will assist somewhat with any reports you may need to put forward to the board or your team. As a part of your financial contributions to We Are Community this has helped us serve over 12,000 meals to the local Macarthur & Wollondilly community which is a huge impact.

I certainly wanted to say thank you to you, Carolyn, Chantell and the team for your amazing support in the last 12 months. I hope the new Plenty of Plates hamper program with the new grocery cards are helping many of your clients.

Chantell mentioned you may give me a call today and wanted to let you know I will be available after 2:30pm.

Kind Regards

Paul Mackin | President We Are Community

  Friends Hot Meals Breakfast Pack Frozen Meals
Jul-20 81 1669 466 64
Aug-20 87 1224 501 58
Sep-20 70 820 255 66
Oct-20 44 627 102 96
Nov-20 55 738 112 62
Dec-20 53 732 151 144
Jan-21 39 722 122 37
Feb-21 58 687 58 68
Mar-21 63 975 45 90
Apr-21 64 1059 47 92
May-21 68 1062 92 77
Jun-21 67 1136 135 101
749 11451 2086 955


icon We Are Community Christmas Dinner

Argyle Housing Volunteers

On Sunday 20th December, We Are Community held their annual Christmas dinner in Airds.  Over 140 people RSVP to the dinner, which so far has been their largest attendance for the community Christmas dinner. The dinner was organised and run by volunteers from many services such as Youth Adolescent Mental Health Support, Caring for Communities, local community members and Argyle Housing staff members Simone, Adrienne and Madhu.

Manu Feildel, French-Australian chef, restaurateur, and television presenter, made a special guest appearance. Guests and volunteers were excited to meet with Manu and have their photos taken.  Volunteers were on hand to serve the meals of Turkey, Ham, Chicken, Roast Beef, Pork, roast vegetables, and corn with lashing of gravy, a fresh bread roll and a variety of different salads. Dessert was an array of slices, cakes, jelly, pastries, and puddings.

After lunch, the children were treated to a Wildlife Presentation from “Get Wild” and Santa Claus handed out Christmas presents, donated by Argyle Housing Staff from the Bowral and Campbelltown local office. There was face painting, cup cake decorating and a special Frozen themed jumping castle.

Argyle Housing also provided We Are Community a huge range of non-perishable food and hygiene products. These went into the Christmas hampers handed out to guests on departure from the annual Christmas lunch.

icon Directions Health

Directions Health Clinic Goes Mobile in the ACT!

Argyle Housing have had a long and rewarding partnership with Directions Health who have operated a weekly clinic at Ainslie Village for many years. The clinic has generally operated recently from the Boardroom with a Doctor and Registered Nurse in attendance and our tenants regularly lined up to get their illnesses and ailments attended to. Because it was in an office setting the Health Service used to refer tenants to their GP’s for more extensive examinations which were not possible in that setting. Needless to say, that meant follow ups were often not carried out.

That is no longer the case! In November the Team Leader in the ACT attended the launch of the Mobile Health Van belonging to Directions Health and what a treat it is. The van now provides a consult room, a toilet/washroom for sample taking and an examination table for proper medical examinations to take place on site with the Doctor and registered nurse still in attendance.

It parks in Ainslie Village and tenants are able to take the opportunity to turn up and be properly examined on site with a much more extensive service being provided for the tenants on within the van. Some of those tenants may not otherwise have had the medical attention they needed.

icon Work Placement Student

Hello, my name is Mere Tiritabua, I am 16 years of age, and a Year 11 student at Marian Catholic College and I have chosen Argyle Housing to do work experience. I have learnt that Argyle Housing owns 110 properties, there is 14 properties owned in Leeton, 14 properties owned in Yanco, and 78 properties owned in Griffith which all together means there is 106 properties, but there are four empty owned properties in Griffith.

Since I have started here at Argyle Housing, I had gained a lot of experience such as keeping evidence in a spreadsheet when sending mail to the post office, to always be polite and to always have a notepad with you when talking to a tenant on the telephone. The only experience that I haven’t gained yet was my time management, I needed to be prepared and organised the night before and go to bed early because Monday and Friday Argyle Housing’s opening and closing times are 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Tuesday and Wednesday are 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM and Thursday’s opening and closing time is 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

I enjoyed myself at my time at Argyle Housing because it was a nice and cosy environment with very nice and beautiful workers.

Jenny Chapman is a beautiful and hardworking Head office Leader and Luisa Smart is the other beautiful and hardworking lady at the front desk. Luisa is the best, because she had tried her best to teach me everything, she does in her everyday work life while juggling phone calls and other paperwork.

I would like to thank Argyle Housing for the opportunity of working alongside your team.

Mere Tiritabua

icon CHIA Cadet

This year at Argyle Housing we have a CHIA Cadet, Cherie Bailey, on board in the Assets & Maintenance Team.

Cherie is an Argyle Housing tenant, and the cadetship is very much like a Traineeship where she remains with Argyle Housing for one year whilst completing studies of a Cert IV in Social Housing.

To start her journey with Argyle Housing, Cherie spent time in the Assets Team with a short stint in Bowral Tenancy. The plan for Cherie is to complete a minimum three-month block with the Tenancy Team once inspections recommence.

Cherie is a quick learner, computer literate, efficient and knows her way around our Tenancy Management Database. Cherie is also well spoken on the phone with both tenants and contractors.

Throughout her time at Argyle Housing, we would like to ensure that Cherie obtains the following experience and knowledge at Argyle Housing through the course of her Cadetship:

  • an understanding of the community housing sector
  • a working knowledge of the CHPs’ policies and processes
  • a working knowledge of the Residential Tenancies Act (2010)
  • understanding, managing, and maintaining property standards
  • experience working within an office environment
  • experience working with tenants and understanding their needs
  • understanding appropriate responses for people with complex needs and challenging behaviours
  • understanding the roles other organisations play to sustain tenancies
  • opportunities to develop communication skills with stakeholders and other agencies
  • experience in using the organisation’s IT systems
  • experience in property and tenancy management including:
    • assisting with property inspections and a working understanding of how to identify repairs and  ongoing maintenance
    • responding to property maintenance enquiries
    • visiting client residences
    • managing vacant properties, and
    • maintaining appropriate records

icon Staff Christmas Giving Tree

At Argyle Housing, we have a staff initiative that instead of giving presents to each other for Christmas, we created a giving tree and buy presents for under privileged children and their families. In each office we have a Christmas tree with tags indicating a boy or girl with an age range were installed in each office.

Our regional office staff then linked in with their local service providers to ensure that the Christmas presents were going to go to those in need.

We had an overwhelming response from all of our staff members and the community.

The Christmas Spirit was alive and well at Argyle Housing with the knowledge that the gifts were putting a smile on a child’s face, as well as providing some form of relief to their parents.

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