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Words by Mohammad Carsen – Argyle Housing Client 



“My name is Mohammad Carsen, my son and I we moved into public (social) housing, into Argyle. We are very blessed and lucky to get a home through those guys because we were actually homeless for a while through a very difficult situation. We got a home that was actually a little bit more than what we were hoping to get. You know, like when we when we saw it like we were actually very surprised and very happy. No garden, no nothing around it, it was very, very bare.

But we took that as a positive thing, I thought this is an open canvas for us because, you know, having an interest in gardening all my life, we had the opportunity to, you know, to boost this home up. The house itself is already, you know, fantastic in our eyes. And then to start landscaping and gardening was sort of, you know, it was just, you know, this place is meant to be for us and a place that we want to make it to be our home, you know, like, forever.

You know, it’s as simple as that. We don’t like moving. We like, making a place, a home. We like to know our surroundings, our neighbors, you know, be able to help them out in any time we can. We did worry about moving from here to there unknowingly. With the rental crisis that we’ve had going on, you know, for the last few years, with COVID, why people are flooding into country towns and escaping the city and suburban areas.

We really have a hard time. So even with myself, I want to now make an example with the Argyle (Housing) home we have and to make it look like, yes, you can make them a home, but we want it to be an example for the neighbors to see first. And then even on social media, you know, we always do before and after photos.”

Griffin Green taking applications for housing

April 24, 2024

This article was first published by The Area News on 23 April 2024  Click here to view the full article.…

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