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What is Affordable Housing?

Affordable Housing provides Australians who are on low to moderate incomes with an opportunity to rent homes at a rate that is below market value rent. Thus ensuring they can afford basic living costs such as food, clothing, medical care and education. Affordable Housing is developed to encourage low income earners into the rental property market. These properties are not Social Housing – they are affordable private rental homes.

Argyle Housing is pleased to manage many Affordable Housing properties across NSW and the ACT. These homes allow applicants safe, secure and sustainable accommodation. As these properties are just like private rental, when we have a vacancy in one of our Affordable Homes, we will advertise its availability on our website and other digital media.

Eligibility is strictly income dependent. The total income of the all tenants of an Affordable Housing rental property is used to calculate the overall household income for that property.

Argyle Housing Affordable Housing Policy

Download – Affordable Housing Policy

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You may be eligible if you can prove that over the past 12 months, you have received an income less than $61,322 to $145,811 depending on your household size, and the weekly cost of rent does not exceed more than 30% of your weekly household income. If you are unsure, please fill in the form below and a representative from Argyle Housing will be in touch with you shortly.

Are you eligible for Affordable Housing?


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