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Ms Wendy Middleton, CEO Argyle Housing statement

Thursday, 17  December 2020


The Tolland Renewal Project is led by Argyle Community Housing Ltd, a Tier 1 Community Housing Provider partnering with; BlueCHP Limited, a Tier 1 Community Housing Provider; and NSWALC Housing, a Tier 2 Community Housing Provider.

A key focus of the Project is to provide – education and employment opportunities for young people; supported new Affordable and Social Housing for low and middle income earners and safe housing for older Australians.

Additionally, the Project will provide new housing options to meet the future Affordable and Private Housing demand in Wagga Wagga.

The renewal will create a vibrant, diverse, community comprising of new private housing, Affordable Housing and specialist housing models linked to support services which will enable positive social and educational outcomes for people of all ages, backgrounds and cultures.

The Project is a unique opportunity for Argyle Housing to enable significant positive social, urban and environmental transformation of an area in Wagga Wagga that is currently characterised by inter-generational poverty, youth disengagement, crime, underutilised public spaces and poor-quality Social Housing.

Argyle Housing is looking forward to forging new ways for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal CHPs to work together. In partnership with local organisations and communities, we will ensure that the Project participants meet all challenges, devise new solutions and emerge stronger within the community.

The Project will increase housing options for everybody in the Wagga Wagga and Riverina community. These housing options will be located in a safe environment close to the central business district and services,” Ms Middleton said.

The Tolland Renewal Project will regenerate an old and tired housing precinct and create a vibrant community of mixed tenure and housing typologies that increases the overall housing supply by over 70%.

The Project addresses State and Federal Government plans for growing Regional Australia, the Premier’s Priorities and Future Directions for Social Housing strategies; the AHO’s Strong Family, Strong Communities Framework; and the recently released NSW Housing Strategy Discussion Paper, 2020.

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