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This article was published in The Area News on 21 March 2022 Click here to read the full article

Housing, healthcare, arts and culture all priorities for newly elected councillors

 PLENTY OF BIG IDEAS: Griffiths newly elected councillors have big plans for the next five years. PHOTO: Griffith City Council INSET: Canva

Jenny Ellis

“I am hoping to see youth council set up, I am currently on the youth interagency committee, this is something I am really interested in,” Councillor Ellis said.

“Looking at cultural plan for the city is also a priority for me. It would be wonderful if we had a new art gallery that was more than just showing art but a living centre for art for both local and artists abroad.

“I have a lot ideas, I would like to see people coming out again and want to see facilities come alive again with people out and about.”

Laurie Testoni

“We have a very workable council now, everyone elected is having a go and has their hearts in the right place which is very positive for Griffith and the broader region,” Councillor Testoni said.

“The former council already had good plans in place, including the business and housing plans and we are just caretaking that and seeing those plans through.

“I see Griffith being a vibrant city in the future, I am hopeful increased housing, facilities and new projects in the coming years will create a very strong future for the community where Griffith can only continue to grow and move forward.”

Shari Blumer

“The new council has a lot of big decisions that will need to be made quickly, primarily Lake Wyangan,” Councillor Blumer said.

“We need to take that conversation to the community and the different options and costs involved. We also need to clarify what the community wants and how that needs to be prioritised.

“I also think we need to decide what kind of tourism town we want to be in a post COVID world, a new art gallery precinct and a convention centre are a great example of this and I want to carry this conversation forward because there are great things happening in that space.

“In the years to come I want to see Council become more answerable to the community, because we need to bring the community with us when we think of major investments and projects for the future.”

Melissa Marin

“It’s an exciting time to be in Griffith, I see Griffith as a thriving town with more infrastructure, more jobs for our town’s people and more opportunities,” Councillor Marin said.

“I am still so new and learning the ropes councillor wise, so I am still soaking in all the information needed to perform my job at the highest possible level.

“One of the main priorities is to have a council that get along effectively for the people of Griffith, and I can see this already occurring.

“A significant area of importance for me (that I want to see flourish) is Griffith City Council’s Affordable Housing Initiative – ‘Griffin Green’.

Chris Sutton

“Griffith has an exciting future with several projects currently on the go, these include a new sports precinct, Griffin Green – an affordable housing project & the Griffith Base Hospital redevelopment,” Councillor Sutton said.

“The new sports precinct which will be open later in the year will give Griffith the sporting facilities we have been needing for a long time and will attract people to Griffith, not only tourists, it will also allow Griffith to host regional and state carnivals that we haven’t been able to host because of insufficient sporting facilities.

“Griffin Green, and affordable housing project in partnership with Argyle Housing is going to benefit the extreme shortage of housing Griffith is currently experiencing, to the tune of $12M.

“Another amazing project Griffith can look forward to is the $250M upgrade to Griffith Base Hospitals, redevelopment, which will not only benefit the people of Griffith, but surrounding regional towns, thus bring more specialized treatment for people needing care.”

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