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A SOCIAL housing village in Campbell has been identified as a close contact COVID-19 exposure site of concern.

Run by the not-for-profit Argyle Housing, Ainslie Village (Winter Lodge) in Campbell has been labelled a site of concern from 12am-11.59pm on Wednesday, August 25, and 12am-12pm, on Thursday, August 26.

Also new to the close contact list is Ceylon Cut in Phillip from 2.35pm to 4.15pm, August 12, and Bright Bees Childcare has been identified again from 7am to 3.30pm, August 16.

Anyone that has visited these locations during these times are required to complete the ACT Contact Declaration Form, immediately quarantine, get tested for COVID-19 as advised by ACT Health, remain in quarantine even if they get a negative test result.

New casual contact exposure sites include:

    • Powells Stockfeed, Phillip, 1.45pm-2.30pm, August 12.
    • GP Respiratory Clinic, Crace, 1.50pm-2.50pm, August 26.
    • Officeworks Braddon, 2.50pm-4pm, August 26.
  • Argyle Housing – Ainslie Village (except Winter Lodge), Campbell, 12am-11.59pm, August 25, and 12am-12pm, August 26. 
  • Priceline Pharmacy Woden, Phillip, 9.15am-6pm, August 26.
  • Officeworks Belconnen, 10.25am-11.45am, August 27.
  • SupaExpress Watson, 9.30am-10.30am, August 26.

People who have been to casual contact exposure locations during the times listed are expected to, complete the ACT Contact Declaration Form, immediately quarantine and get tested for COVID-19 as advised by ACT Health.

If a person was at the casual contact location less than four days ago, ACT Health says they will need two tests – one test as soon as they find out they are a casual contact and another test on day five after they were at the casual contact location.

People at the casual contact location four or more days ago only need to get one test.

The full list can be viewed here.