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Our History

1997 The Wingecarribee Community Tenancy Scheme and Macarthur Community Tenancy Scheme amalgamate to form Argyle Housing Association with a total of 120 dwellings.
1998 Argyle Housing takes over the management of 30 additional properties in Goulburn.
2000 Argyle Housing is awarded Class 2 registration as a community housing provider and opens an office in Bradbury.
2001 Argyle Housing is awarded its first 3-year accreditation. In collaboration with the Department of Housing, Argyle Housing introduces the successful Claymore Intensive Management Program. This program transformed Proctor Way into a secure, clean neighbourhood with a growing sense of community pride. The program is extended to the Airds/Bradbury Area in an attempt to reduce vandalism and property damage.
2002 Argyle Housing wins the award for excellence in partnerships at NSW awards for Excellence in Community Housing. The number of properties under management is 524.
2004 644 properties now under management. Argyle is successful in achieving both 3-year accreditation and ongoing registration.
2006 Argyle Housing is a founding member of Powerhousing Australia – a peer network and business alliance of Australian non-profit housing organisations.
2007 Amalgamated with Queanbeyan Tenancy Management Scheme. Properties under management increase to 894. The Stock Transfer of 363 HNSW properties to Argyle in the Wingecarribee local government area commences.
2008 Argyle Housing changes its business status from Incorporated to Company Limited by Guarantee. Argyle Housing, along with four other community housing providers, form BlueCHP Ltd. BlueCHP tenders for government funds to purchase or construct new housing in the geographic areas of the five community housing providers. Property numbers increase to 1,152. Argyle Housing builds its first affordable home.
2009 New tenants and staff in Wagga Wagga, Griffith and Leeton. Property portfolio increases to 1,407 with Argyle Housing taking on the management of an additional 212 properties. The Stock Transfer of 132 properties in the Wollondilly area is completed.
2010 Receives title to 100 properties under Asset Ownership tender and a further 150 properties under Nation Building Economic and Stimulus tender. Housing Pathways introduced to streamline and centralise applications for social housing in NSW. The Stock Transfer of 287 HNSW properties to Argyle in Young, Yass, and Crookwell commences.
2011 Argyle Housing expands into ACT with the management of 53 units in Conder. The number of properties under management now exceeds 2,000.
2012 Argyle Housing is awarded the tender by the Housing and Community Service ACT for the tenancy management of Ainslie Village in Campbell, ACT. Argyle Housing achieves Class 1 registration in NSW enabling it to pursue development activities and partnerships. Argyle Housing’s partners with My Gateway and TAFE NSW to construct three affordable housing dwellings in Griffith, NSW – an initiative to assist unemployed indigenous youth in the community. Argyle Housing refreshes its branding to a contemporary style but retained the logo which is familiar to many. The number of properties under management on 30th June 2012 exceeds 2,100.

As a sign of confidence in the capabilities of Argyle Housing and the Community Housing Sector in general, the NSW Government transferred the ownership of 159 dwellings from the NSW State Government to Argyle Housing in 2012, as well as a further 69 dwellings to be vested in the near future.

2013 In partnership with the Young Shire Council, Young High School, North Young Primary School and a range of other partners Argyle Housing delivered a major park upgrade for the benefit of Argyle Housing’s tenants and the community generally. With a focus on community engagement and inclusion, the project has succeeded in not only achieving major functional and aesthetic improvements to the park but also the involvement of local community members and High School children in the park works. The number of tenancies under management is just under 2,300.
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