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Client Value Proposition

Our Clients 

Argyle Housing Clients come from all walks of life and all backgrounds. We have over 4,000 Clients in our properties and work in partnership with them and partner agencies to: 

  • Increase opportunities 
  • Strengthen local community connections 
  • Support successful tenancies 
  • Ensure our clients have a real say in how we do things 

Client Value Proposition

In 2022, the Argyle Housing management took the opportunity to undertake a complete relaunch of the business and create a Client Value Proposition, a new brand, a new uniform, revamped offices, and undertake an organisational realignment of staff positions. Relaunch, Rebrand, Reconnect, Refocus.

The following is our Client Value Proposition:

We provide secure homes for people, and together create a foundation for opportunity

The principles of our Client Value Proposition

  • We care
  • We work with you
  • We believe a safe and affordable home is the foundation for opportunity
  • Our goal is your wellbeing
  • We listen to understand you
  • We discover, develop and foster relationships
  • We keep you and us accountable
  • We deliver our promises
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