How to Apply for Social Housing

  • 1. Complete an application
    You can obtain the required application forms from any Argyle office, alternatively you can access these online.



    *Argyle also has shared housing available in Campbell, ACT at Ainslie Village. Please visit our section on Ainslie Village to find out more and to apply. Housing at Ainslie Village does not require the applicant to go through Gateway Services and therefore the application form & process differs from that outlined on this page.

  • 2. Lodge your application

    If you have completed a handwritten form, you will need to lodge it either in person at your local Argyle, Housing NSW (NSW applications) or Gateway Services (ACT applications) office. If more information is needed you may be asked to attend for an interview but generally the information you provide in the form will be enough in NSW. In the ACT all will be contacted by an officer from Housing ACT to arrange an assessment interview.

  • 3. Await assessment of your application.

    Your application will then be assessed to confirm your eligibility for housing assistance and whether your situation gives you priority to receive housing.If you are eligible for housing assistance then you will receive a letter to confirm that you are logged on the waiting list for housing that is centrally managed by NSW & ACT Housing.

    They will send you a letter every six months to check whether you still require housing and to confirm your circumstances are the same. It is important that you return this information or your name may be suspended from the waiting list.

  • 4. Review your offer of housing

    When a property becomes available in one of the areas that Argyle manage, we will go to the NSW/ACT Housing Register to “match” an application with an available property. We will contact you and make an offer of housing and arrange a time to show the property to you.  If it meets your needs we will make a time for you to sign a lease and move in.If you are unhappy with our service or a decision we have made regarding your eligibility for housing, you are entitled to make a complaint or appeal a decision.

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