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Media Release

Ms Wendy Middleton, CEO Argyle Housing statement

Monday, 01 February 2021


In line with the NSW Government’s Housing Strategy, Argyle Housing is taking action to build much needed rental accommodation for low to middle income earners in Griffith.

Typically, low to middle income families are ineligible for social housing and find it very difficult to source appropriate, affordable rental accommodation within the private housing market.

These families may include people who full-time or part-time in lower paid jobs, where the total household income is not enough to cover the market rent in the area in which they work.

Argyle Housing CEO, Ms Wendy Middleton, said “We are really concerned for the futures of families within larger regional cities like Griffith, who are facing the risk of homelessness due to the rising cost of rental accommodation”.

Argyle Housing is collaborating with Griffith City Council on purpose built, new and modern low to middle income housing projects in Griffith to be built between now and the end of 2022.

One of those key projects is the construction of four new town houses in Wakaden Street Griffith.

The Wakaden Street project will deliver four, two storey townhouses which will be targeted to workers at no more than 75 per cent of the market rent. Griffith City Council gifted land to Argyle Housing to ease the housing availability crisis within the Riverina.

Ms Middleton says, “A key focus of this project is to provide new modern dwellings that better meets the needs of current and future tenants.”

Ms Middleton said “I am pleased with the outcome. We are very happy to be partnering with Griffith Council to provide low to middle income families with housing within the region and Argyle Housing will partner with local builders to deliver the project”.

“I’d like to thank Griffith City Council on their commitment to the Housing Strategy of NSW and in particular to low income accommodation,” she said.

Argyle Housing is a Tier 1 Community Housing Provider in NSW/ACT and the project is supported by private investors and the wider Griffith community.



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