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Client Awards 2023

Nominate a fellow Argyle Housing client for an award to say thank you.

Do you know an Argyle Housing client that has done a good deed?
Have you seen the excellent work of an Argyle Housing client within the community?
We are looking for nominations for this year’s Client Awards.
If you know someone that deserves an acknowledgement for something good that they have done within your community.

We celebrate the winning Clients of 2023.

  • Community Spirit Award
    • Lorraine Erdman
    • Thomas Hayes
    • Kevin Donaghey
    • Rajendra Kumar
    • Giordano Pieri
    • Rosalie Rivera
    • Eddie Bailey
  • Responsible Client Award
    • James Fitzgibbon
    • Catherine Knight
    • Colin Collins
    • Lucille Novella
    • Silvia Vizcaino
  • Good Neighbour Award
    • Thomas Groombridge
    • Deanne Tiriamai
    • Bev Tokley
    • Alexia Horton
    • Bernadette Snell
    • Stephen King
    • Gerd Klusenberg
    • Kay Marriott
    • Cassandra Chidiac
    • Helen Murrell
    • Patricia Hae
  • Volunteer Award
    • Dave Cruickshank
    • Naomi Stretton
    • Patricia Rowe
    • Joan Aylott

Congratulations to our brilliant Clients who make a difference through their kindness and positive contributions within the Argyle Housing community.




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